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All Goose-Grip™ Products have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We are confident in the durability of our Goose-Grip™ Worklights and do not expect you to

buy another because the one you purchased broke.


All of the component parts of the Goose-Grip™ Worklights

are warranted for life to the original purchaser.


Exclusions are the vehicle battery power cable and the Custom Storage case.


If any part of the worklight were to become broken or non-functional, we will repair or replace the

worklight for free but you will be responsible for the shipping costs back and forth. If you are not agreeable to the warranty, just do not buy the product. We want no stress. We fix it free but you pay shipping, forever. If we feel that the repair is straight-forward and you can do the repair successfully, we will ship you the needed parts for free but you will pay the shipping cost of those parts.


For example: You broke or bent the Light-Stick or broke the wire or wire connection. We will ask you to show proof

with a clear photo that it is damaged beyond being usable again. We do not care what caused the light to break. We will fix it for free. We don't care if you drove over it.


However, we will not sell any parts to anyone that never actually purchased a worklight from us. If it was a gift purchased by another person, just tell us the name of the person that made the purchase.


For warranty claims you will be responsible for shipping costs.


This limited lifetime warranty will cover any of the component parts of the worklights including the

gooseneck tube, the Light-Stick with attached wire, swivel assembly, vacuum suction plate,

locking pliers, Light-Stick mount and the battery housing.


We have extensively tested our products to ensure quality.


Should any problem arise you can email us at Contact Us and we will respond within a day.



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