One of the many challenges that exists for a professional auto mechanic everyday is our methods of lighting – being able to see the hardware, nuts and bolts and fasteners that hold parts together.

We are working with ratchets and wrenches and loosening and tightening pumps and manifolds and brackets that are positioned all over at every angle and hidden by so many things that overlay them, and we want to do this while we are using both of our hands as often as we are able to, but with the majority of times, the current

worklights do not permit this.

All of the work lights that exist require that you illuminate your targets by positioning a beam of light that must be constantly held in one hand like a flashlight or attached to some nearby metal with a magnet which you mostly cannot do because of all the alloys and plastic.

The result is that mechanics just accepted that this is the best that can be done for lighting.
Now myself being a professional auto mechanic for my whole career, I got frustrated with the current lighting designs.

I hate that I could not position a worklight and have it stay close to what I needed to see and not have to hold it.

Gravity always wins and the light does not stay and the lights that exist do not fit into narrow places.  

So, I set out to make the best worklight that has ever been made.

One that defies gravity, one that does not need to be held. A light that is so bright and so narrow that it can fit into the smallest places even without needing to move hoses and wires out of your way.

Lastly, I wanted a worklight that was better than a person holding a light for me. 


This worklight set was designed and built with the input of 30 other lifelong professional auto and truck mechanics.

Everyone clearly talked about the problems associated with hand held worklights,

head mounted “headlight”, underhood hanging worklights.

The problem is they all do not get close enough to see the hardware that you are trying to access with hand tools.

The underhood light is good to illuminate the top of the engine, but it will not show you the heads of bolts down below hoses and pulleys and you end up grabbing a hand held light and working with one hand often just to break loose bolts.

The headlamps worn on your head – it gives many of us headaches after a short time

and lets face it, ya gotta aim your head or constantly adjust the aim.

It works but they are not without their issues with battery life, you must control the aim always.

Magnetic flip lights well there is limited places to attach with all the plastic and alloy and the range of motion in limited.

And what about when you need to change a brake light switch or a clutch safety switch or

unbolt a brake booster from under the dash?

There is no good way to illuminate the nuts and bolts that are up near the top of the

brake and clutch pedals or the nuts holding the booster.

You end up holding some type of “flashlight” with one hand and using a ratchet and extension

and socket with swivel in the other and you hope you found the bolt.

The Goose-Grip™ Mechanic’s Worklight can attach to any glass nearby and can go down and back up under

the dash and stay put where you aim it, even inside the dash inches from what you need to unbolt.


Clearly, Goose-Grip™ Mechanic’s Worklight has so many clear advantages that

if you are a real mechanic, the function need not be explained.

One look at one video of Goose-Grip™ being used on a job should go right to your pleasure center as any intelligent mechanic knows that being able to position a light source at a strategic place to illuminate your target area and not have to hold that light source so you have both your working hands free is a wonderful thing.

Plain and simple advantages.