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Q & A

  • Can I plug it into another power source and keep using it?
    The M12 and the DW lights comes with a 6ft length adapter cable. The Snap-On version cannot be powered by the vehicle battery because of the higher voltage requirement. If you forgot to charge the battery or you depleted the battery charge on a long job and you did not purchase a 2nd battery, you can just plug this cable into the barrel connector that normally plugs into the battery and attach the alligator clamps to the 12 volt vehicle battery. Then you have many many hours.
  • How bright is the light? What are the specs?
    The light-stick emits approximately 1300 lumens with a 12 volt battery source and will measure about 2845 lux when 12 inches from target. A fully charged 6.0 Milwaukee M12 battery will illuminate the light for about 4 to 5 hours. The CRI is >90 (sunlight is rated 100) and the color temperature is 4000#.
  • What if the light-stick gets oil or water on it? Will it damage it?
    The light-stick is encapsulated in polyurethane clear resin up to where the wires attach. It is IP68 rated which means its waterproof at the light-stick. It can get very wet with no damage. It cleans off easily with brake parts cleaner when its really messy with grease as well.
  • Why is this light more costly than some other lights?
    The raw cost of materials (without assembly labor or shipping box of just one vacuum plate work light is about $110 at this time. There is substantial development costs to custom design and make the custom one of a kind parts. None of these parts existed as you see them finished. There was no manufacturer selling an off the shelf 303 Stainless Steel swivel for a few dollars. There was no vendor selling a custom 12" length of led lights encapsulated with waterproof clear resin in a 9mm x 14mm aluminum channel for a few dollars. The vacuum plate existed but had to be highly modified to support the gooseneck tube so it did not break in a short time from the constant movement. We chose to use a two-piece CNC machined 6061 alloy light bar support rather than plastic. This work light fully solves a problem that has existed and plagued mechanics for more than 100 years. It is not unreasonable to think that a radical new design work light with these capabilities to fully solve this would have a higher cost. This light is steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The only plastic is the ABS 3D printed battery housing and made in America like we all say we want, right? And on top of all that is said, remember, we only sell it to you ONE TIME in life and then we keep it functional for you for life for a maximum cost of free (except for shipping costs) for any failed component for any reason, even if you threw it at the ground in a rage. Additionally, there are other lights out there with similar price points so for the high build quality we offer in our products, the price is actually cheap. You will be responsible for the shipping costs of returning the broken light for me to repair it and ship it back to you. I will fix it for life for free but you must also have skin in the game. You will pay for any and all shipping costs.


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