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  • Approximately 1300 lumens of white light measured at 12 inch distance from target shows as 2845 lux at 12 inches from targe

  • 360 degree rotation of Light-Stick with 90 degrees of pivot angle at the same time

  • Swivel assembly made of 303 Stainless Steel

  • IP68 rated Light-Stick (WATERPROOF)

  • Better than an actual person holding a worklight for you

  • Built very rugged with no plastic, just steel, stainless steel and CNC machined aluminum which is why this is a lifetime warranty and a much higher cost. You will never throw this light away. Do not just balk at the higher price - look at how its built and the lifetime warranty and how it saves you every day of your mechanic's life working on vehicles and its made in USA like we all want products to be from.

  • Suction plate light is 48" in length and can attach to any micro-smooth flat surface such as windshield glass inside and out, door glass, sunroof glass, body panels that are flat and smooth, headlight housings on many that are flat, the roof and trunk lids and sometimes on engine cover trim that is flat although may not hold long due to the finish not being smooth enough.

  • Chassis light with locking pliers is 36" long and can only attach to chassis items under the vehicle. This cannot be used on anything but heavy steel structure such as the exhaust pipe and control arms and heavy brackets and such as the clamping force will crush and damage soft aluminium lines and such.




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