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The Goose-Grip™ Vacuum Suction Plate Mechanic's Work Light combined with the Swivel-Stick Work Light and portable battery housing. This two light package combines our two best selling lights together and offer a savings of about $53. Both lights are shipped in the same carton which takes about $13 off the shipping of these two products separately and we reduce the sell price by $40. As always, these lights are available in your choice of battery platforms and 20 color variants in two drop-down menus on the cart page.


Reminder: The Dewalt battery platform is 12 volt not 20 volt.

Suction Plate Light + Swivel-Stick Light Combo Buy.

SKU: GGLC011231-GGMS011281
PriceFrom $279.99
  • This vacuum suction plate was created by me for the specific reason of having the best engine bay light that allows coverage of any place in the engine bay and the suction cup placement is for use on windshield glass or any glass inside or outside the vehicle. IT WILL ATTACH TO PERCEPTIVELY FLAT BODY PANELS PROVIDED THAT THEY ARE WIPED SMOOTH AND MOIST BUT LONG TERM STAYING IN PLACE IS MEANT FOR GLASS. Some users have attached Goose-Grip to a drivers door 5 feet in the air and used the gooseneck to illuminate the wheel well area. This can work but there is a higher probability of the vacuum suction plate not holding on a door panel transcending the gooseneck parallel to the ground on a panel that was not wiped smooth with a moist sponge. When the light hits the concrete floor its gonna get broke somewhere and so will your battery. I'm not saying that you cannot use the light like this but if you do, please look ahead and put a moving blanket on the ground so when the light does fall, it will likely survive the impact. Always look and see what the light will hit if it drops and plan accordingly to mitigate damage. The suction cup will stay attached in many cases indefinitely to flat moist glass. There is nothing inferior about this suction cup. It holds best long term to a surface that is smooth as glass. It will sometimes lull you into a false sense of security because you can attach this to many surfaces you thought it would never attach to - the problem is that it may only hold tight for just a few minutes. This suction cup attaches itself with about 112lbs of breakaway force provided the attachment point is flat and smooth and moist whenever possible. The smoothness of the surface is directly related to the length of time it remains attached. Again, use it in clean and moist glass whenever possible.




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