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For those skeptical about how these lights will help you... You cannot even imagine.  You have no clue how your repair job flow will change for the better. Almost as big a difference as battery operated ratchets made, that is how much..  If you are a pro mechanic and you skip getting any of these lights, you are not a smart mechanic. The cost of any of these lights is a drop in the bucket compared to the edge these lights give to your repair experience. 

Just to be clear. No batteries or chargers are included with any of these lights. It is expected that you already own batteries from one of the (3) battery platforms. Site is best viewed on a desktop. Mobile version needs some tweaks.

Anyone contemplating buying and want to call me with impulsive questions you can up until 6pm EST any day.  

All Products Available
If you are outside of the USA, email me for a shipping estimate. Provide the country, address and product(s) you want. Do not use the built-in estimator - its too expensive

Patent Pending
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eldorado goosegrip (3).jpg

All of you techs, do you not see and feel the gorilla in the room? Because I sure felt the gorilla in the room! For decades I have been working on cars and for all that time – every time I was trying to get a work light aimed at something – a fastener of some kind usually in an out of the way place – every time I was fighting with the work light trying to keep it fixated on what I needed to see and I couldn’t easily do that. Gravity was my enemy and I got so pissed that I set out to eliminate this inconvenience once and for all. And when you eliminate that work light problem you find out just how much better your mechanic repair experiences become. Cannot say it any different.


Many of you step on to that Snapon or Matco truck in the hopes of acquiring tools and equipment that makes your job easier or improves your experiences in some way. And the majority of things that you see on that truck cost much more than what we at Goose-Grip™ are offering here. Our company has made a major advancement in work lights and it seems you just do not pay any attention to new small firms like us.  You like spending each day you work on cars trying to balance some flip light or hand-held flashlight of some sort until it doesn't fall or roll away? Hundreds of you buying thousands of $ in  Snap-On and Matco and Mac tools and you cannot see what is pure magic right in front of your face that would change your mechanic life like you cannot even fathom. And they do not sell any work lights that are even on the same page as Goose-Grip™ If you would just look at what even one of our four work light products can do for your repair experience. All I can do really is tell other mechanics about it as loud as I can. We are just a tiny company with a fantastic product that is patent pending. It is simply NOT POSSIBLE for you to say that this work light is NOT a gamechanger. It's Milwaukee M12 powered or Dewalt 12v or Snap-On 14.4 powered, its lifetime warranty, its 6061 alloy, its stainless steel, its poly resin, its rugged its 1300lm to 1500lm it's the holy grail of work lights, its the mother of all work lights. I'm not a corporate suit pushing a cheap imported crappy light. The CEO is still a working mechanic in the business for 42 years and  designed all these lights because of the need for them to exist to make things easier for himself. He was sick of just accepting that a wearable headlight or a flip light was the best that there was. We cannot shout it loud enough to you techs. THESE WORK LIGHTS TURN THE WORK LIGHT WORLD ON ITS HEAD AND YOU WILL CONSIDER THE LIGHTS PAID FOR AFTER HAVING THEM JUST FOR A WEEK.

Its pretty sweet.


 The Goose-Grip™ is available for purchase RIGHT NOW!  With these work lights in your arsenal of equipment, you will eliminate light frustration that mechanics experience everyday.



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