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This 39" long LED Stick-Light is ideal for a lightweight underhood light affixed with the included magnets or when you need to see a very narrow area next to engine like the belts and pulleys it becomes a hand-held light. Initial inspection to see where your noise is, example, is it the water pump bearing or is it a tensioner or idler pulley or is it the ac compressor? Comes with 6ft power cable attaches to 12 volt car battery. This Stick-Light throws up to 3600 lumens and should be used with the expectation that if used longer than two hours (battery charge level will vary), you [may] need to jump the vehicle when you are done, but wow, the light that this gives you in the areas you can place it is magical. And it is so thin you can stick it down between anything. Absolutely awesome inspection light or worklight that weighs only 7.25 ounces. It does get hot too! Comes with power cable for vehicle battery and strong megnetic support hooks for ferrous hoods. Even if the hood is not ferrous there is often ferrous hardware attached to hood that is useable for magnets, does not need much support.

Goose-Grip™ Stick-Light 39 inch 3600lm

SKU: GG011251
  • Use only a 12 volt DC power source. Snap-on 14.4 volt power source cannot be used.



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