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This is a package that combines the 12" Swivel-Stick and includes the separate ABS remotely mounted battery housing in the battery platform of your choice. Drop down menu choices of M12, DW12 or Snap-On 14.4V with magnetic mount to make it easier work by not having but just a wire attached to the slender 12" light bar. When no battery is part of a light stick the mechanic gets to place the light into tighter areas where other lights would either not fit or would block your view. The light stick and the battery are 3 feet apart. The battery housing  can be placed at any angle far away from the light stick and because it is supported with 92lbs of hold force with magnetic feet it will not fall or be in your way. No battery is included. This product is patent-pending. The 12" light stick has a protective sleeve when light is not being used that is not shown that you can select from 20 colors in the drop down menu. 

Goose-Grip™ Swivel-Stick + Remote Magnetic Battery Housing

SKU: M12GGMS011281
PrecioDesde 149,99$
  • This picture shown here (M12 compatible) shows ONLY one of the (3) available battery platform housings, The other two housings are similar. Also, the red/black vehicle battery power wire is not supplied with the Snap-On version due to the 14.4 V voltage requirements.



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